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InnoHK Launch Ceremony concludes with great success
26 May 2022
The InnoHK Launch Ceremony was successfully held today (May 25), marking a new milestone in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government's commitment to promoting Hong Kong's innovation and technology (I&T).
Congratulations to VisionNav Robotics for Leading the Largest Funding in Driverless Industrial Vechicles Field
04 May 2022
We are thrilled about the achievement of VisionNav Robotics. We look forward to the implementation of more technology transfer projects in the future.
Seminar Series on Robotics and AI (Talk 9)
04 April 2022
Seminar Series on Robotics and AI (Talk 9) Organized by HKCLR, will be held on April 8 (FRI)
Seminar Series on Robotics and AI (Talk 8)
01 March 2022
Seminar Series on Robotics and AI (Talk 8) Organized by HKCLR, will be held on March 11 (FRI).
Season's Greetings from Hong Kong Centre for Logistics Robotics
23 December 2021
Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a Merry ★SMART★ Christmas and Happy New Year 2022 from all of us at HKCLR
PR Coverage
無線新聞 | 中大設六所研究中心 主力研發人工智能機械人及醫療科技
07 December 2021

Research Focus

Research Focus
Robust Sensing and Perception
Robust, efficient and learning-based 3D visual sensing and perception solutions for logistics scenarios.
Research Focus
Human-Robot Collaboration
Combining human and robotic intelligence in manipulation and mobility in complicated logistics scenarios.
Research Focus
Smart Manipulation Robots
Realizing robotic grasping and manipulation in a smart, stable, adaptive and platform-agnostic way to rise to the challenges in actual, daily robotic applications.
Research Focus
Unmanned Logistic Vehicles
Spare the scarce manpower of human drivers, enabling self-driving of heavy payload vehicles with desirable accuracy, thanks to real-time algorithms for SLAM, navigation, and precise motion control.
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